Vintage illustration of a young girl in pink overalls holding a teddy bear

♡ I'm 19 years old (2003).

♡ I'm a lesbian.

♡ I love dolls, teddy bears, lace, walks through the woods, cats, fashion, Iwaizumi Hajime, sylvanian families and reading.

♡ I am currently studying Religion, Philosophy and Ethics at university.

♡ My dream is to be a housewife.

Hello! I'm are a few things about me:

I hope you enjoy my website...although I'm very shy

I'd love to hear from you on one of my socials!

a tiny pixel gif of my melody from sanrio
a tiny pixel gif of my melody from sanrio

Please do not interact with me if you are/support the following:

♡ under 16

♡ lgbtq+ phobic

♡ racist

♡ ddlg/ageplay

♡ ableist (including if you make jokes about neurodivergent people)

♡ post nsfw/kink content

♡ a pro-shipper (support harmful ships)

♡ maps/nomaps

♡ post gore/self-harm

Please keep this in mind if you intend to interact with me on social media. 



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